Protective Black Carbon Fiber wrap laptop computer shell case notebook cover

Protective Black Carbon Fiber wrap laptop computer shell case notebook cover

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Carbon fiber is using polyacrylonitrile, viscose fiber and other raw materials, pre oxidation at 200 to 300℃ in the air, and then under the protection of inert gas with high temperature of about 1000 DEG C to complete carbonized fiber products finally heated to 1500℃ ~3000℃ and be formed then. It not only has the characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the flexibility of textile fiber. Light weight, but it has very high strength and toughness, so it could be used for military, medical, sports field widely. It is a favorite material for ultra thin notebook, such as Thinkpad X1Carbon, HP SPECTRE13-V015TU, etc

Most of the carbon fiber shell material is not pure carbon fiber, but carbon fiber reinforced plastic. However, many people think that carbon fiber notebook case is made of pure carbon fiber woven, but precisely, the notebook shell material is carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)- reinforced carbon fiber are interspersed in the engineering plastic or other materials, like rebars interspersed in the building, and make the whole material structure have a high strength and high rigid.

Carbon fiber material is a very interesting material, it has not only the characteristics of aluminum magnesium alloy like elegant and strong, but also the high plasticity of ABS engineering plastics. It looks like plastic, but the strength and thermal capacity is better than the common ABS plastic. And carbon fiber is a conductive material, it can play shielding role like metal (ABS shell need plating a layer of metal film to shield). Therefore, as early as in April 1998, IBM company took the lead in the introduction of the use of carbon fiber shell notebook computers, also it was always the protagonist of the promotion of IBM. According to IBM data show that carbon fiber toughness is two times the aluminum magnesium alloy, and it has best cooling effect. If you use the same time, carbon fiber aircraft shell feels coolest. The disadvantage of carbon fiber is the high cost, molding process is more difficult than ABS shell, so the shape of the carbon fiber casing is generally relatively simple, lack of change, coloring is also difficult. In addition, carbon fiber chassis also has a drawback, that is, if the ground connection is not good, there will be a slight leakage inductance, so IBM covered with a layer of insulating coating on its carbon fiber chassis.

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