What is the difference between carbon fiber tube and fiber glass tube

What is the difference between carbon fiber tube and fiber glass tube?

Fiber glass tube

Glass fiber is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, which has many categories, many advantages such as good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.Its disadvantage is brittle, poor wear resistance. It is made by glass ball or waste glass as raw materials by production process of high temperature melting, wire drawing, winding and weaving process, the filament diameter are several microns to twenty micron, equivalent 1/20-1/5 of a hair, each bundle of fibers are composed by hundreds or even thousands of filaments. Glass fiber is usually used in the composite materials, electrical insulation materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit boards and other fields of national economy.

The carbon fiber tube is made of carbon fiber composite material pre preg benzene vinyl polyester resin cured by heating pultrusion (wrapped and torsion). In the process, can produce various profiles with various different molds, such as: different specifications of round carbon fiber tube, different specifications of carbon fiber square tube, different specifications of carbon fiber sheet, and other sections.  During the production process, packaging and surface treatment could be done with 3K materials.

The difference between carbon fiber tube and glass fiber tube: 

Materials are different, glass fiber is made by glass wire drawing then made into various products, such as glass fiber fabric, glass fiber wool, can be used for glass fiber reinforced plastics production, thermal insulation, fire prevention, heat insulation and other aspects, such as oven, refrigerator appliances etc.. Can also be used for sports equipment, such as golf bar, skateboards, surf board, etc..

Carbon fiber is made by carbon fiber yarn, and then weave to various specifications, such as 1.5k, 3K etc., can be used for a variety of carbon fiber sheets, profiles, such as some NOKIA, Samsung's mobile phone shells are made of carbon fiber material, that looks beautiful and noble. Can also be used as a lot of high-end boxes, paddle, music instrument box, auto parts etc.. 

Both two are artificial organic materials, but the carbon fiber has more extensive application with plasticity and tolerance much stronger than fiber glass, it is mainly used in transportation and aerospace engineering; glass fiber tube is light weight and strength, can be used as cylinders, spacecraft cabin pressure bracket, etc.

What is the difference between carbon fiber tube and fiber glass tube?

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